Must-Knows for Running a Social Media Marketing Campaign

The popularity of social media networks has grown considerably, judging by the fact that Facebook alone has over 1.98 billion active monthly users. Overall, the size of social media networks is a bit above 2.5 billion if we were to take into consideration all platforms available on the market.

This incredible popularity has transformed social media networks into great hubs for promoting products and services, by advertisers throughout the world. Yet, to be able to run a successful marketing campaign on social media, it is important for marketers to know a couple of statistical facts.

To help in this regard, the group behind UK-based WebsiteBuilder has compiled a short summary, outlining factors such as the best time to advertise, the most popular tools that can be used to run a campaign, the types of ads that are supported, which ads tend to be the most engaging for users, and whether there is a remarketing option.

Here are some of the results from WebsiteBuilder’s research that is useful for social media marketing:

On Facebook, it’s often best to launch marketing campaigns on Wednesdays, between 3-4 PM, on Thursdays and Fridays between 1-4 PM, and on weekends between 12-1 PM. Instagram is fairly easier to grasp, as campaigns can be started anytime between Mondays through Sunday, except between 3-4PM.

At this moment in time, some of the best and most popular tools which will help you run a successful campaign include Agora Pulse, HootSuite, DrumUp, LikeAlyzer and Qwaya on Facebook; Piqora, Pinvolve, Viralwoot, PicMonkey and Postris on Pinterest; Quick, Vintagio, Latergamme, Have2have.it and HootSuite on Instagram; and last but not least, StormIt, TweetReach, Twibes, Tweriod and HootSuite on Twitter.

Advertising is also a must-do for a successful social media marketing campaign

Now, regardless of the posting times and the tools being used to run the campaign, it is also important to mention that your ads should vary in type, size, and content. To help do this, it’s essential to know what types of ads each platform supports: Single Image Ads, Carousel, Video Slideshows and Video for Facebook; Promoted Pins, Broad Display and Video Pins for Pinterest; Single Image Ads, Carousel Ads and Video Ads for Instagram; and Cards alongside with Video Ads for Twitter.

However, not all of these will be that engaging. Most of the time, News Feed ads are best for Facebook, Promoted Pins for Pinterest, Carousel Ads for Instagram and Video Ads on Twitter are bound to go a great job, and help boost your popularity and increase conversions.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, by keeping these tips in mind, you’ll surely be able to notice a significant boost in your ad campaign, as your ads will gain more exposure, and you’ll be saving considerable amounts of money in the long run.


Check out the Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet 2017 infographic below to see how social media marketing campaigns have made a positive impact for some well-known brands: 

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