X Understanding Content PR

Coming To Understand Content PR in the Digital Age

The world of marketing and communications can at times be quite confusing. Within the overall field, there are several sub-fields with subtle differences, which are not always detectable to the untrained eye.

Today, however, two of those sub-fields – content marketing and digital PR – have begun to merge, creating a whole new one: content PR. To learn more about it, digital advertising agency Fusion 360 created a simple infographic called “Coming to Understand Content PR.”

The infographic answers these four questions:

1. What is content PR?

      It is the combination of public relations and content marketing, focused on creating and distributing meaningful content to engage, acquire, and build rapport and trust with a target audience.

2. How can content PR be recognized? Content PR looks to attract dependable and engaged audiences, focusing on interactive social channels and digital communities.

3. How does content PR function? Content PR can help you become an accessible industry leader, build a loyal audience and engage that audience with compelling content.

4. What are useful examples of content PR? Examples of content PR include videos of experts providing advice, well-organized infographics, and blog posts!
For more details on content PR, check out the infographic below!

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